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1. Particulars of organisation, functions and duties


The National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS) is a registered society under the Delhi Societies Act 1860. The Registered Office of the Society is situated in New Delhi. The Academy focuses on various fields of agricultural sciences including crop husbandry, animal husbandry, fisheries, forestry, natural resources, agro-industries and allied sciences. Its role is to provide a forum to Agricultural Scientists to interact on important issues of agricultural research, education and extension and to express views of the scientific community as policy inputs to the planners and decision/opinion makers at various levels. It also has schemes of according recognition to the contributions of scientists at different levels to encourage cutting edge research in various fields of agricultural sciences. It also promotes excellence in agricultural and allied sciences.


To gain recognition as a credible think tank to provide views of the scientific community on all agriculture- related policy issues, to encourage talent and promote excellence in science, making it a powerful instrument for the growth of national economy with a vibrant farm sector.


The objectives for which the Academy is formed are:

(i) To promote ecologically sustainable agriculture.

(ii) To recognise and support excellence in scientific research in the field of agriculture performed by the individual scientists and by interdisciplinary teams.

(iii) To provide promising scientists with the conditions necessary for the advancement of their work.

(iv) To promote contact among research workers in different institutions and organisations within the country and with the world scientific community.

(v) To secure and manage funds and endowments for the promotion of agricultural sciences.

(vi) To publish documents and specific studies including those intended for policy makers for the advancement of agricultural research and development

(vii) Other activities relevant to the accomplishment of the above goals, in public interest.

Fellowship of the Academy

The Fellowship of the Academy embodies a wide spectrum of national and international Scientists. It has come to occupy a place of pride among scientific bodies of the country. Fellows are admitted to the Academy through a process of nomination by existing Fellows of the Academy through rigorous screening by the Sectional Committees and finally election through ballot. Nominations are received upto 31st March each year. As on 1st January 2011, the Academy has 512 Fellows including 47 Foreign Fellows and one Corporate Fellow.

The brief procedure for Election to the Fellowship of the Academy is as under:

i. Major Areas

  1. Crop Sciences, including Genetics and Plant Breeding, Plant Genetic Resources, Plant Biotechnology, Plant Physiology & Biochemistry, Seed Technology - 5 Fellowships
  2. Horticultural Sciences, including Fruit Science, Vegetable Science, Ornamental Horticulture & landscape gardening, Plantation crops and Spices, Medicinal and Aromatic Crops - 1 Fellowship
  3. Animal Sciences, including Animal Genetics & Breeding, Animal Nutrition, Animal Physiology, Animal Biotechnology, Animal Production, Animal Health, Animal Products Technology - 2 Fellowships
  4. Fisheries Sciences, including Fish Genetics & Breeding, Fish Nutrition, Fish Pathology, Fish Biotechnology, Fish Processing & Technology - 1 Fellowship
  5. Natural Resource Management, including Agricultural Meteorology, Agronomy, Environmental Science, Forestry & Agroforestry, Soil Sciences and Water Management - 5 Fellowships
  6. Plant Protection, including Agricultural Chemicals, Agricultural Entomology, Plant Pathology, Nematology, Microbiology - 3 Fellowships
  7. Agricultural Engineering and Technology, including Farm Machinery & Power, Soil and Water Engineering, Agricultural Process Engineering, Textile Chemistry, Computer Application in Agriculture, Food Technology - 1 / 2 Fellowships in alternative years
  8. Social Sciences, including Agricultural Economics, Food & Nutrition, Home Science, Agricultural Statistics, Extension Education - 2 / 1 Fellowships in alternative years

Foreign Fellows -2 Fellowships

Total = 22 Fellowships


(a) Foundation Fellows

Fellows of the Indian National Science Academy (INSA) who have signed the Memorandum of Association shall be Foundation Fellows of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS).

(b) Fellows

Initial admission to the Fellowship of the Academy will be open to the Fellows of INSA who opt to become Fellows of NAAS within a period of 12 months from the date of registration of the Academy.

(c) Fellows

Starting a year after registration of the Academy, the Academy will elect annually not more than 25 Fellows who are recognised for their excellence in the field of Agricultural Sciences.

The maximum number of Fellows shall initially be 400.

(d) Foreign Fellows

The number of Foreign Fellows shall not exceed 50. Annually not more than three(3) Foreign Fellows shall be elected.

Corporate Fellows (e)

Corporate bodies and other organisations who extend substantial support to the Academy activities can be made "Corporate Fellows" on the basis of guidelines to be finalised by the Executive Council.

Admission and Qualification for Membership

The election of Fellows shall be governed by Regulations framed by the Council, but these Regulations shall provide for the following points, from which departure can be made only after reference to the General Body of Fellows.

(a) The number of Fellows elected shall be limited to 22 annually, till such time as the total number of Fellows reaches 550.

(b) Each candidate shall require a certificate to be signed on personal knowledge by a minimum of four Fellows. No Fellow will propose more than two names in a year.

(c) The selection from the total list of candidates recommended to the Academy for election shall be made by the Council, but the election shall be conducted by postal ballot of the Fellows.

(d) Provision for the election of persons who, in the opinion of the Council of the Academy, either have rendered conspicuous service to the cause of science or are such that their election would be of single benefit to the Academy, provided that not more than one person shall be so elected in any one year.

(e) The procedure of electing Foreign Fellows shall be the same as for the election of Fellows but the number shall be limited to three in each successive year.

The Secretaries shall send a written announcement of the election to the candidates who have been duly elected and shall therewith send a copy of the obligation to be signed, and of the Rules and Regulations for the time being in force.

Rights and Privileges of Members (Fellows)

Fellows shall be entitled to the following rights and privileges:

(a) To be present and vote in all General Meetings.

(b) To propose and recommend under Rule 3(b) candidates for Fellowship.

(c) To introduce visitors at the General Meetings of the Academy.

(d) To have personal access to the library of the Academy.

(e) To take out books, plates, drawings, manuscripts, etc., from the library, subject to such regulations as may be prescribed by the Council.

(f) To receive gratis one copy of any one of the scientific journals which may be published by the Academy.

(g) To fill any office in the Academy on being duly elected thereto, subject, however, to the provision that any Fellow appointed to any office in the Academy to which a salary or emolument is attached shall lose, for the time being, the privilege of voting.

(h) To offer papers and communications to be read before the meetings of the Academy.

(i) Fellows living outside the territorial limits of India shall be entitled to the privileges contained in Clause (a), (b), (c), (d), (f) and (h) (referred above) and to serve on any Committee appointed by the Council save  that  they shall not be  entitled to vote except on such Committee.

(j) Foreign Fellows shall be entitled to the privileges contained in Clause (a), (d), (f) and (h) rule (referred above) and to serve on any Committee appointed by the Council save they shall not be entitled to vote except on such Committee. Foreign Fellows of Indian origin settled in India shall be entitled to all privileges of General / National Fellows.


A Fellowship subscription of Rs. 2000/- shall be due on election from the persons elected to the Fellowship. The Fellows above the age of 65 will be exempted from the payment of subscription. The Fellowship subscription of Rs. 2,000/- may be paid either in a single sum or by two installments in a calendar year. The first installment of Rs. 1000 must be paid along with acceptance for the Fellowship. If the Fellowship subscription is not paid within the stipulated time after issue to such person of the intimation of his/her election as Fellow, such election shall become inoperative. Provided that, the Council shall have power to reinstate him with full privileges after his/her Fellowship subscription has been paid within a period not exceeding twelve months from the date of his/her election.

Cessation of Membership (Fellowship)

(a) Any Fellow may withdraw from the Academy by signifying his wish to do so, by a letter addressed to the Secretary.

(b) If any Fellow of the Academy shall wilfully disobey Rules or orders of the Academy or Council, or shall commit wilful breach of order at any of the General Meetings, or having unwittingly committed shall persist in any disobedience or breach of order, after being admonished by the President, or if for any other reasons it shall appear to the Council that the name of a Fellow should not remain on the rolls, he shall be liable to be removed from the Academy. Whenever there shall appear cause as aforesaid, for the removal of a Fellow from the Academy, if a majority of the Council shall, after due deliberation determine by ballot, to propose to the Academy the removal of the said Fellow, the President shall, at any General Meeting of the Academy, announce from that Chair such determination of the Council, and at the meeting after that at which the said announcement has been made, the proposition shall be submitted to voting by ballot. If three fourth of the Fellows present and voting at such General Meeting, vote for the removal of such Fellow, he shall be removed from the Academy.