Dr. Byrappa Venkatesh
Foreign Fellow, Elected 2009

Born in Bangalore, India on 16 April 1953. Educated at National High School, Bangalore, 1965-69; National College, Bangalore, 1969-70; College of Fisheries, Mangalore, 1970-76; National University of Singapore, Singapore, 1987-91; Postdoctoral Fellow, MRC, Cambridge, UK, 1991-1992; Royal Society Study visit to UK, 1998; B.F.Sc. 1974; M.F.Sc. 1977; Ph.D. 1991.

Professor and Research Director, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Biopolis, Singapore 2008 to date; and Adjunct Professor, Dept of Paediatrics, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore 2008 to date; Chairperson, Genome 10K Project; Senior Advisor to China National Genebank, BGI, Shenzhen, China; Distinguished Visiting Scientist, Centre for Human Genetics, Bangalore, India.

Scientist, Central Inland Fish Res. Inst., Barrackpore, 1977-1983; Development Officer, NABARD, Bangalore, 1983-87; Jr Research Fellow, Molecular Genetics Unit, MRC, Cambridge, UK, 1991-92; Principal Investigator, Inst of Mol and Cell Biology, Singapore, 1992-2002; Adjunct Associate Professor, Dept of Paediatrics, National University of Singapore, 2002-2007.

Awards/Honours: University of Agricultural Sciences Gold Medal, 1974 & 1977; Colombo Plan Scholarship, 1979; The Best Overseas Indian Fisheries Scientist, 2003, Professional Fisheries Graduate Forum, Mumbai; National Science Award, Singapore, 2004; “NRI of the Year 2017” Award (Professionals category, Asia Pacific region) given by TIMES NOW media conglomerate and ICICI Bank.

Fellow: Human Genome Organization.

Research Areas: Genomics, Molecular Genetics, rare Genetic Diseases.

Address: Professor and Research Director, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, 61, Biopolis Drive, Singapore 138673; 28, Swimming Pool Avenue Road, Malleswaram, Bangalore 560003, Karnataka; [Tel: Off. 65-65869571; Fax: 65-7791117; Email: mcbbv@imcb.a-star.edu.sg]