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Pulses push to meet the nutritional requirements of our population

TA/DA Rules of the Academy

I. TA for attending AGM:

(a) Fellows shall be entitled to travel assistance to the extent of AC 2-Tier train fare. Fellows may also explore possibility of purchasing apex fare / discounted fare / senior citizens discounted fare tickets of economy class of any Airlines restricted to AC 2-Tier train fare.

(b) Fellows with the age of 65 and above may travel by apex / discounted Economy fare of any Airlines subject to booking of their air travel well in advance as the meeting is a part of the calendar events.

II. TA for attending Executive Council meeting and other programmes organized by the Academy:

(i) Journey by Air - Limited to cheapest discounted Economy Class fare (apex fare / discounted fare / senior citizens discounted fare tickets) of any Airlines.

(ii) Journey by Train - Actual expenditure limited to AC 2-Tier

(iii) Journey by Road

(a) For Local journeys within Delhi and NCR Region, the rates of road mileage fixed by the Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Transport Department from time to time may be adopted by the Academy. In case of local journeys within Delhi and NCR Region by a ‘Radio Taxi’, actual charges against the submission of receipt may be allowed.

(b) Considering the convenience and time of the invited scientists, residing in a nearby places, even connected by rail, he/she may avail journey by a taxi/own car and road mileage at the rate fixed by the Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Transport Department may be allowed.

(iv) Daily Allowance

As per rates prescribed in Govt. of India Rules.

Note: The Organisers/Conveners of Academy programmes may be informed that entitlement for T.A. for such programmes will be limited to the provisions mentioned above. A copy of these rules may be sent to the Organisers/Conveners at the time of approving the programme, with a request that they in-turn may send it to the invited speakers/resource persons.