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Programmes 2017

The Academy organizes Brainstorming Sessions (BSS) each year on thematic areas of national importance related to Indian agriculture. To make these BSS more focused with contemporary relevance, the Executive Council has framed guidelines* which are appended at Annexure III. For the year 2017, the Council has approved the following programmes:

(i) Strategy Workshop on Vegetable Oil Economy and Production Problems in India (Chair: Dr. C.D. Mayee)
(ii) Strategy Workshop on Conservation Policies for Hilsa and Mahseer (Chair: Dr. K.K. Vass)
(iii) Strategy Workshop on Accelerating Seed Delivery Systems (Chair: Dr. K.V. Prabhu)
(iv) Status Paper on Saving the Harvest (Chair: Prof. Anupam Varma)
(v) Policy Brief on Crop Residue Burning in North-West India (Chair: Dr. Yadvinder Singh)
(vi) Policy Brief on Mitigating Land Degradation (Chair: Dr. V.N. Sharda)